Operators' requirements of ship systems change over time. The ELS fleet includes a wide variety of vessels to meet almost any kind of demand for specific tonnage.

We are associated with some of the biggest vessel owners across the world through the network of our associates. Our experienced team ensures timely coordination with the clients and operate as per their schedule giving the full assurance of safe and speedy dispatch of cargo.We are the ideal partner for ships chartering services. Our in-depth knowledge of the sea market, projects, offshore, dry cargo & shipping industry enables us to deliver a complete brokerage service, delivered by qualified personnel. Our experienced team of specialists support incoming ships with a round-the-clock service 365 days a year. Our team’s extensive working knowledge of all aspects of marine operations enables us to provide a wide range of highly specialized services giving clients complete confidence.

Using our expertise of the market we provide a best-in-industry, tailor-made service to each and every individual client. We negotiate with ship’s owners to acquire the most suitable vessel, whilst obtaining most competitive rate and most importantly meeting the specific requirements of each individual job.

Chartering ships instead of investing in tonnage can be advantageous for several reasons:

  • Fleets can be adjusted to changing demand
  • Charterers can develop new trades easily since ELS operates a fleet consisting of several identical ships out of a large number of various types of vessels
  • Schedule reliability is guaranteed thanks to ELS 's continuous investment in captain, officer and crew training and high quality vessel operating.
  • Highly competitive transit times are ensured thanks to a state-of-the art fleet with vessels averaging a mere eight years in service.